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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
1:39 pm
Resists season preview
This year’s reduction to 800cc had many asking “What will the times be like?” Many predicted the reduction in power will be offset by the increase in corner speed and handling on the smaller and lighter machines.

Indeed, even with many teams using their 2006 Chassis, the bikes are still achieving higher corner speeds, later braking, and lap times on par with last years benchmarks.

A case in point, last year, Rossi took pole at Sepang with a 2’00.605, Hayden was second with a 2’01.043. This year in testing at Sepang on the new 800’s, Rossi topped the timesheets on the M1-800 with a time of 2’00.936 from John Hopkins on a Suzuki with a 2’01.026!

With testing at Phillip Island underway today, its clear that this years machines are not far off last years pace, and with the constant development of the high tech MotoGP prototypes, it wont be far into the year where the bikes are even faster than last year.

But what about the championship?

Rossi, hungry to avenge last years loss will be a threat, a revised and revitalized Suzuki look threatening early on, and many in the paddock are punting on the new lightweight breed epitomized by Pedrosa and Elias.

Nicky Hayden will suffer on the under powered 800 because of his roots in WSBK and will need to readjust and alter his riding style to prove that last years success was no fluke. Meanwhile, compatriot Kenny Roberts Junior will surprise on the KR212V, the Roberts team demonstrated their talent and resourcefulness last year with a string of successes.

Casey Stoner, dubbed by many ‘Crashy Stoner’ after a run of DNF’s last year will have to work hard on the Ducati to not be over shadowed by the seemingly rapid progression of Suzuki’s Chris Vermeulen.

Shinya Nakano has yet to make the impact many expected after his defection from the under performing Kawasaki to the well resourced Honda. The Honda recruit is circulating slower then his former team mate Randy De Puniet, but it is still early in the season, he is likely to challenge for regular podiums.

Marco Melandri is running out of time to prove his mettle against the rest of the field. Bad luck and injury kept him away from the pointy end of the field last year, this year may be the last opportunity for this close friend of Rossi to establish himself as a regular title contender.

And then there was Loris, Capirossi suffered from the collision at Catalunya, and most likely will be anxious to prove that given a clean run, he is a title contender. Loris flew the flag high for Ducati for most of last year, and was third in testing at Sepang, demonstrating once again that the veteran is a genuine contender.

The change to 800cc’s has bought the teams and manufacturers closer together, and given an opportunity for the riders to shine. 2007 will be a close season, but I think ultimately the top ten positions in the rider’s championship will be filled by these people in or around this order:

1. Rossi
2. Capirossi
3. Pedrosa
4. Vermeulen
5. Hayden
6. Melandri
7. Nakano
8. Roberts Jnr
9. Stoner
10. De Puniet

Written by:
Jacob Black

Times referenced from: www.motogp.com

x posted
Sunday, December 10th, 2006
6:09 pm
Hi - Racer's Baseball - Japan
Hi, I'm new, this is my first post here so i thought i'd share some of my photos from Japan. On December 5th MotoGp , All Japan Superbike, British Superbike, World Superbike, testers and just about anyone else who has ever ridden a bike in Japan had a celebrity baseball match. Stumbled upon by yours truly.

To the photos Collapse )

Hope you enjoy :)

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
10:21 am
Steve Owen will compete in Melbourne
Steve Owen, after suffering a severe case of dehydration and a resulting kidney infection will compete at the support races for this weekends Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

Steve Owen was hospitalised after the exhaustive conditions at the Clipsal 500 got the better of him. Drama unfolded on the track after Steve passed out while at the wheel of the number 55 Autobarn Racing VZ Commodore and parked it against the wall at turn 9.

Owen was rushed to Royal Prince Albert Hospital suffering from severe dehydration and heat exhaustion caused by the high temperatures recorded in the cars. Temperatures reported by telemetry from other teams were in excess of 65 degrees celcius inside the cockpit.

Steve's stay in hospital was extended after he developed a kidney infection as a result of the dehydration. He has made a strong recovery and looks forward to a strong result in this weekend event.
Monday, March 27th, 2006
3:41 pm
Sad news read on "crash.net"
Dana killed in practice smash.

The IRL IndyCar Series suffered its third fatality since its inception in 1996 when rookie driver Paul Dana suffered fatal injuries in Sunday morning practice at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Dana, who drove for Rahal-Letterman Racing, made contact with the spinning car of Ed Carpenter in the first of two scheduled practice sessions at the Florida oval on Sunday morning, and was pronounced dead after being flown to a local hospital in the Miami area.

Carpenter was also transported to a local hospital, and is now said to be in a stable condition.

Bobby Rahal immediately withdrew his two other entries, for Buddy Rice and Danica Patrick, from the Toyota Indy 300, while Carpenter also missed the race, which was won by reigning champion Dan Wheldon.

Thirty-year old Dana, who was set to make his fourth career IRL start on Sunday, is the first IRL driver to lose his life since Tony Renna died in a testing accident at Indianapolis at the end of 2003. Scott Brayton was the first driver to die behind the wheel of an IRL car when he crashed in practice at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the League's inaugural season.

This is very sad news, i didn't know the driver, but it always hurt a bit when one dies!!!
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
7:09 pm
V8 Supercars! Round 1:
Round one of the V8 Supercars championship startet yesterday at the Clipsal Adelaide 500.

Race one, a 250kilometre sprint, saw two MASSIVE incidents at the very scary 200km/hour turn eight. One involving leading driver Mark Skaife, and another involving rookie James Courtney. Both cars recieved extensive damage, and both drivers were relatively uninjured.

It also saw a bizzarre incident in which Steve Owen went cuckoo at the wheel and eventually passed out from dehydration and heat exhaustion. He was rushed to Royal Prince Albert hospital for treatment and remains in hospital after suffering from kidney failure due to the dehydration.

For those that don't know much abuot the Australian Touring Car Championship (V8 Supercars), the Adelaide race is always hot, yesterday it was 40 degrees ambient, and as much as 70 degrees inside the cockpits of the cars. And it is not uncommon for drivers to collapse at the end of the race, some report weight loss of as much as 3.5 kilos during the race.

Race one was won by Craig Lowndes driving for Triple 8 Racing and his teammate, young gun Jamie Whincup was third with Rick Kelly second in the middle of the Betta Electrical Ford Sandwich.

Race Two:

Jamie Whincup won the race after 4 Safety Car periods! Brother Todd and Rick Kelly were second and third respectively.

The final one after a massive pile up involving James Courtney, who AGAIN suffered extensive damage to the car his team spent the night rebuilding after yesterdays shunt. It also involved Race One winner Craig Lowndes, who was back in the pack after an ill-fated passing attempt on then race leader Cameron McConville caused steering damage to his car.

Mark Skaife was unlucky, after driving from the rear of the grid to at one stage lead the race, he was caught up with Greg Murphy when murph ran wide at the infamous turn eight and buried his holden in the wall. Once again suffering massive damage to the car which was brand new on friday, and had also been rebuilt on saturday night following his crash in race one.

Rick Kelly deserves a mention, a bizzarre and completely incorrect decision to penalise Kelly with a stop-go after an alleged black flag saw the young gun sent to the rear of the grid after leading all lap one! He managed to soldier on to finish 3rd after a storming drive through the pack.

The V8 Seasons Looks like a RIPPER!

This has been a breif summary of points of interest.

Will have more detail later.

Jacob B
Monday, March 13th, 2006
7:49 am
F1 Baby
F1 is back. With all the carry-on and rubbish with engine restrictions etc, i thought this seasons opener might be a bit crap. But the change to the (RIDICULOUS) one set of tyres per race rule and the increased performance of honda, and ferrari (as opposed to last year) have livened up the sport.

Alonso proved he can go head to head with Schumacher in an up to pace Ferrari, Raikonenn proved once again that he has speed to burn and Button put in a very solid showing in the Honda. Also impressive were the sixth and seventh place finish of Webber and Rosberg respectively for Williams. Rosberg in fact, put together the fastest times of the race on a consistant basis and was held up mostly by strategy and luck.

All in all, and inspite of the ridiculous rules and restrictions being sanctioned by Bernie Ecclestone and the other F1 Power Brokers, I am excited about F1 more than I ever have been.

Jacob B
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
2:57 pm
Reverse Grid in V8 Supercar Season
The V8 Supercars will run reverse grid races in the second race of each 3 race round. This means the person finishing first in Race1 starts from the rear for race 2. This is a BAD thing for the sport. Although entertaining for the lowest common denominator due to increased incidences.

Reasons its crap:

- Punishes winner of Race 1.
This will lead to people foxing and deciding not to challenge for the lead or to advance thier position late in race one. Race one
will be boring and there will be less meaningful battles for position.
- More crashes, more cost, more danger
Making the sport more expensive does not make the sport better.
- Makes a debacle out of the sport.
Reduces the sport to the status of WWF Wrestling by artificially altering the outcome of races and the empaphis on performance.
Performance should be rewarded.

I have other points, but I am at work.
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
12:59 pm
Most Crashes This Year
So, who will crash most this year in MotoGP?
Carlos "Chucka" Checa?
Sete "Choker" Gibernau?
Dani "the noob" Pedrosa?
Casey "ground hog" Stoner?
Johnny "highside" Hopkins?

What do people think?

What about WSBK?
Biaggi I guess!

Mark Webber?
Juan Montoya?
Ralph Schumacher?
Jarno Trulli?

This is a bit of a cheeky question, so what to people think? Make some bold predictions!

Jacob B
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
11:55 am
Female Driver Keiko Ihara prematurely touted as F1 chance.
FROM www.news.com.au

Keiko Ihara is a current competitor in the European F3 series. She is gaining attention because she is an Asian female in a sport dominated by European males.

Now here is my problem: they are saying she is a chance to move into F1. Why? She only finished in the top ten in 6 of her 22 races. Her best place was 8th. I LONG for a time when more women are involved in our sport and competing at the pointy end. It seems strange that is hasnt happened thus far, I dont know how many women are racing at the moment, but I want their to be more of them! I dont think that outlandish claims such as those made about keiko are warranted though. And I dont think they will further the opportunities for women to enter the sport.

So.. what do crew think?

A: How do we get more women in motorsport?
B: Does it matter?

I believe that having more women involved will ultimately enrich our sport.
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
3:25 pm
The pre-season testing times from the likes of Pedrosa and Stoner have been impressive. are they any real indication of form?

These are the times from last year at Phillip Island:

Rossi 1m29.6

Hayden 1m29.7

Gibernau 1m29.8

Checa 1m29.8

Biaggi 1m29.9

Edwards 1m30.2

Barros 1m30.4

Capirossi 1m30.4

Hopkins 1m30.8

Melandri 1m30.9

Bayliss 1m30.9

Roberts 1m30.9

Tamada 1m31.4

Xaus 1m31.4

Elias 1m32.8

Melandri was relatively off the pace in tenth in testing at PI, but ultimately finished 2nd in the championship, the top ten here all were regular features at the front of the pack with perhaps the exception of Hopkins, and Edwards seemed to struggle.

Based on last years testing, their is certainly a lot of form to be found in the test times, so it is surprising to see Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa in 3rd and 5th place in testing at Phillip Island this month. If they can maintain this pattern then this could be an extremely interesting year for the rookies in MotoGP.

Here are the PI Times from www.motogp.com

Melandri 1'30.72
Hayden 1'30.94
Stoner 1'31.00
Gibernau 1'31.25
Pedrosa 1'31.49
Capirossi 1'31.61
Roberts 1'31.65
Tamada 1'31.88
Nakano 1'32.04
Elias 1'32.34

(Note: Some riders... ie: Rossi and Biaggi were not present at Phillip Island Testing this year: Also: The session was short because of weather, hence the lower times)

It is also pleasing to see Tamada and Nakano up near the pointy end of the field. The field looks closer this year, and I expect that we are going to start seeing motogp's akin to the 125 and 250 races of late, with multiple leaders in the last laps.

This is going to be an exciting year!

X posted on http://community.livejournal.com/motogp_communit
11:20 am
Rossi's F1 tests
Rossi is doing well in his tests with Ferrari this week. He was only half a second off the pace of Michael Schumacker and was 9th fastest overall.

Not a bad effort really! I don't know what this means, personally, I doubt he will move to F1 just yet. He may move there in 2008 or later, but I doubt it. I also hope not. F1 will stifle his personality and it will be a great loss to MotoGP to lose Rossi. He is a crowd pleaser.

I wonder if its just a good way for the Ferrarri team to generate some coverage in this current low point? I doubt we will know for sometime to come.

Also re: Rossi... what happened to the gnarly celebratory wheelies? They have been weak as hell lately. I want to see more wheelies! and not just from Rossi. I think that the celebrations we used to see from MotoGP riders added that extra dimension of colour and energy to the sport that F1 just doesnt have. In the interests of holding interest, we should see more of the colour back in MotoGP. It is in danger of becoming a little too serious.
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
3:44 pm
Biaggi Thwarted by Showa.
According to www.speedtv.com Biaggi was unable to test for Alstare on the weekend because Showa will not let him ride using their suspension components, meaning he must source a deal with ohlins within the Alstare team.

This is beyond petty as far as I am concerned. Maybe some with more knowledge than I can fill me in on the details, but this seems like a farcical situation, and a sad indictment on the level of politics in the sport.

One wonders just how the Biaggi situation got this far? And what will come of it in the end.
Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
9:56 am
MotoGP Round 1 is on March 26th. I am excited! The new Camel sponsorship for the Yamaha Team has benefits, I always wanted to see Rossi back in yellow, but I have reservations about cigarette sponsorship in motorsport, while it generates an enourmous amount of income for motorsports teams, is that income able to be sourced elsewhere? Is there a place for ethics in motorsport sponsorship?

Rumour has it Rossi baulked heavily against the deal with Camel, although the previous sponsor, Gualoises is a cigarette manufacturer.

Either or, I am excited by the start of the new season, and I have made some bold predicitions.

One man represents a genuine threat to Rossi this year, and I even go as far as to claim that he will wrest the upper hand from the Doctor. That man is Marco Melandri, he is on the right bike, and definately has the skill, he outrode Rossi towards the end of last year, and I believe he can do it again.

Its time to get amongst it.
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