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Female Driver Keiko Ihara prematurely touted as F1 chance.


Keiko Ihara is a current competitor in the European F3 series. She is gaining attention because she is an Asian female in a sport dominated by European males.

Now here is my problem: they are saying she is a chance to move into F1. Why? She only finished in the top ten in 6 of her 22 races. Her best place was 8th. I LONG for a time when more women are involved in our sport and competing at the pointy end. It seems strange that is hasnt happened thus far, I dont know how many women are racing at the moment, but I want their to be more of them! I dont think that outlandish claims such as those made about keiko are warranted though. And I dont think they will further the opportunities for women to enter the sport.

So.. what do crew think?

A: How do we get more women in motorsport?
B: Does it matter?

I believe that having more women involved will ultimately enrich our sport.
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