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Reverse Grid in V8 Supercar Season

The V8 Supercars will run reverse grid races in the second race of each 3 race round. This means the person finishing first in Race1 starts from the rear for race 2. This is a BAD thing for the sport. Although entertaining for the lowest common denominator due to increased incidences.

Reasons its crap:

- Punishes winner of Race 1.
This will lead to people foxing and deciding not to challenge for the lead or to advance thier position late in race one. Race one
will be boring and there will be less meaningful battles for position.
- More crashes, more cost, more danger
Making the sport more expensive does not make the sport better.
- Makes a debacle out of the sport.
Reduces the sport to the status of WWF Wrestling by artificially altering the outcome of races and the empaphis on performance.
Performance should be rewarded.

I have other points, but I am at work.
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