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F1 Baby

F1 is back. With all the carry-on and rubbish with engine restrictions etc, i thought this seasons opener might be a bit crap. But the change to the (RIDICULOUS) one set of tyres per race rule and the increased performance of honda, and ferrari (as opposed to last year) have livened up the sport.

Alonso proved he can go head to head with Schumacher in an up to pace Ferrari, Raikonenn proved once again that he has speed to burn and Button put in a very solid showing in the Honda. Also impressive were the sixth and seventh place finish of Webber and Rosberg respectively for Williams. Rosberg in fact, put together the fastest times of the race on a consistant basis and was held up mostly by strategy and luck.

All in all, and inspite of the ridiculous rules and restrictions being sanctioned by Bernie Ecclestone and the other F1 Power Brokers, I am excited about F1 more than I ever have been.

Jacob B
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