resistantone (resistantone) wrote in makosport,

Rossi's F1 tests

Rossi is doing well in his tests with Ferrari this week. He was only half a second off the pace of Michael Schumacker and was 9th fastest overall.

Not a bad effort really! I don't know what this means, personally, I doubt he will move to F1 just yet. He may move there in 2008 or later, but I doubt it. I also hope not. F1 will stifle his personality and it will be a great loss to MotoGP to lose Rossi. He is a crowd pleaser.

I wonder if its just a good way for the Ferrarri team to generate some coverage in this current low point? I doubt we will know for sometime to come.

Also re: Rossi... what happened to the gnarly celebratory wheelies? They have been weak as hell lately. I want to see more wheelies! and not just from Rossi. I think that the celebrations we used to see from MotoGP riders added that extra dimension of colour and energy to the sport that F1 just doesnt have. In the interests of holding interest, we should see more of the colour back in MotoGP. It is in danger of becoming a little too serious.
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